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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

<3 Jah

i am in love with a guy and don't know how to give him the love he deserves. he is a great loyal guy who doesn't deserve to be hurt. i vowed that i wouldn't hurt and i think i have. my fear is that i won't be what he wants in the end. he can say i love you but will he still be saying it 5 years from now. i guess i'm so used to running away before i get hurt, i really did end up hurting the one i love. i'm just so used to leaving. what can i do.. i can't keep apologizing, it will only make matters worse. it has nothing to do with other guys, it's just me. i tried to change but did i try hard enough. i guess out numerology love report may come true. it said i may lead to the destruction of our relationship..

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marasu3 said...

I'm not here to preach to you about your feelings, but I wouldn't give up hope just yet... things can change regardless of what something says... I think you just need to relax first.. get school finished and out of the way.. so you can re-focus your feelings and thoughts. Then, maybe you'll find your answer.