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Thursday, October 23, 2008

16 things about me

4 Things I Did Today
1. I paid a visit to my job on my day off. It seems when i have to work I always arrive just at my appointed time.When i am not scheduled to work, my feet somehow make their way to the office. My manager asks me,"why are you always here. Don't have a home?" Well technically i am home. See, I work at the complex where i live.. MAN, I have a right to be at the office.. lmao

2. I laid on my ass and called it a day. I watched the BET Hip Hop Awards and realized this awards show is stupid. Yes, I appreciate the fact BET is honoring the females this year. (BET Awards, they paid honor to the R&B groups of the 90s. I love MC LYTe, LADY OF RAGE, YO YO (!!!!) and SALT N PEPA.. of the chain people. They should have had Roxanne Shante on there.. but i'm not gone to spoil it.. I did like the Russell Simmons tribute.. but i think they could've done better like, have LL come out with no shirt/tank top and rap his earlier songs... im just saying.. lol.

3.Let's just say i am sick.. i know i told Kelli i don't want to hear about her "System" but (lets just say) was in the bathroom literally every five minutes until 2pm.. it was ri⋅dic⋅u⋅lous!!!! Maybe it is because i cooked indian curried meatballs with potatoes. I now realized why Indins are skinny.. gracious..

4. I felt loved. Well usually i don't mean to have an attitude.. but it sorta comes out that. Well a few days ago,i was being cordial to one of Co-workers and he was like i am not even to ruin this moment. i am going to savor you being nice to me. So we continued talking. I was on the phone and my co-worker received a text. Someone has asked why he always goes out of town. i said well that's good you go out cuz i have not been out of town since i moved here a year and a half ago. he was like.. dang i feel almost feel like taking you with me sometime.. i spoke too fast.. i said that would be fun.. he said hold up.. i said almost.. if i didn't thinkyou were going to be mean to tomorrow, i would think about it.
So since then i have been nice. No because i want to go with him out of town but because i get tired of people saying i am mean. i don't know if he was serious or not but it still hurts. because later on that night. my boyfriend was joking around saying that i was mean. though he proclaims that he was Just Kidding, who knows that a joke is just a fun way of telling the truth.. so i am examining myself, yet again.

4 Things on My To Do List
1. I am going to start exercising. I felt that my 2.. lb behind needs to become at least 160 by next July for my 21st birthday.. The countdown begins... now!!

2. I really need to go to church on Sunday. I keep saying i am going to go but every time Sunday comes around, i am still in bed snoring and slobbin all over my pillow with my hair reminding me of Don King and breath like this guy who live at my complex who be acting like don't have halitosis. i'm just saying. My Boyfriend said he will love me through anything.. it's bad when if it was him, i will gladly wake up in the middle of the night and go on the couch so i won't have to wake up next to Beetlejuice.

3. Go to work (my other job). Because at this we mae our own schedule and can come in whenever we choose, I have chosen the last two days not to go. Shift tomorrow is from 12pm to midnight.. i will be working at 12 hours.

4. I feel like I need to read a Iyanla Vanzant book. I feel like her telling me what to do with my life is better than me making any decisions at this point.

4 of My Guilty Pleasures
1. I love music.. it takes me to a place nothing else can. From "I used to Love h.e.r" By Common to "this is me" by Demi Lovato

2. High Heeled boots.. yes i said it. Though heels hurt my feet and i constantly look like i am going to fall when i wear them; i love them. they make your legs look sexy and can bring any outfit together.

3. ( iam so stealing this Kelli)Drama: Yes I complain about it. But I think that deep down inside I enjoy drama. I invite drama. Maybe I like the intensity of it (when it's intense - some drama is just plain silly). I'm a very passionate person so maybe it's something I feed off of in a way. *shrugs* That's something for the counselor to figure out.

4. (and this one too) Being nosy: Curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought it back. Haha. I am so nosy. But that's because I have to know EVERYTHING. If I don't - it drives me crazy. I'm trying to work on it. I am. You believe me don't you? Lol - who the hell am I talking to? Latrice.(that's me.. but i have to change it Kelli) *waves* But yeah, I just have this need to know everything. But don't ask me too much. I like to keep some things private.

4 Random Facts About Me
1. My eye twitches. ok wait not in a [psych(osis) + -otic.]. my eye twiches when i get excited. that sounds bad too (lol) but it's true. Everyone says its cute. So rest asure i am still sexy with mine.

2. I was in love before i was in love with my boyfriend. I was in love with N'Sync. Yes, Chris, joey, Lance, JC (and the O so Sexy) Justin. I had every cd and knew every single by title and lyric. My bedroom walls were plastered with any and every picture of N'Sync i could get my hands. I knew every known fact (ever the random ones) about them. If i ask me now, i mostly likely don't know.. but i was a master back then.. Come on, give me a break, i grew up in the 90s. lol

3. I love hard. I have a hard time letting go of people. Well mainly exes. My ex boyfriend and i went out for eight months and it took me a year and half to get over him. we had some good times. i know if i broke with the guy dating now, i will take a long time to get over (this is first guy i am truly in love with ..well of course besides N'Sync.. lol).

4. I am living on my own. Why am i not having a good time? Why am i not happy?

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