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Monday, November 3, 2008

More Black than Christian???

I borrowed this book from Danielle. It called "More Christian Than African- American" by Kimberly Cash Tate.

So My roommate came into my room to, I guess you can say, hangout. So she saw the book and she bought up a time when she was in high school and she had to write down what she defined her as a person. She said She didn't know whether to put down Christian, African- American or woman down first. She was just boggled. She then proceeded ask me what would i put first. I said i would put Christian, African- American and then woman. Christian is what i would classify myself as first because God is my whole being.. I carry him with me everywhere i go and though i may not be as spiritual as i should be.. having Him will never change. Then I said African American because i believe if i was on the street, the fact that i am African- American would cross people's mind first. I believe that being African- American is something that "helps" people figure out how they will relate to you. For example, my co-workers are all white, except for the half white/half black guy (who is more in touch with his white side) that just started working there. The first thing they say to me has something to do with me being black. It sort of angers me sometime but that is the hand i was dealt. I try to put the fact that i am human. Then Female.

Love & Be Blessed, Latrice

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