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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I would: love to make everyone i love happy but i can't and it sucks.

I severely dislike: rudeness, two faced people, fake people, back stabbing, hypocrisy, dishonest, abuse, sugar coating, false pretenses, whining, commercials, bad drivers, Aunt Flo and spoiled brats.

I love: music, cheese, art, texting, basketbal, reading, blogging, vanilla scented candles, , cuddling, my co-workers because they are hilarious

I fear:not doing anything with my life and disappointing everyone and of nothing making a difference in at least one person's life.

I am paranoid: a lot because i don't talk to but a few people so i don't know what is going on around me but thats also a good thing.

I want to: not to have to worry about how i am going to get groceries for this week.

I hate that I: can't help my true friends that are struggling as well like i want to.

I love that I: have great friends.

I could: for some pineapple right now. or a tuna sandwich from jimmy johns.

I never: want to go through any of the drama i have been throuh in the past two years

I say: nothing at all. Just let it play out/

I don't say: this to hurt you, but you are getting on my nerves you crazy person always walking into my job everyday..

I feel: sad that my bestie in CT has nto go through everything in her life without me.

I will: try hard to stay determined in my current goals.

I rarely ever: say what i want

I regret: nothing. everything happens for a reason.

I can't imagine: what my life would be like without him.what do i do??

I am not: who I used to be.

I believe in: miracles and faith.

I know: i may seem like a bitch ,but i'm not.

I hide: nothing

I find comfort in: music, words, writing, his arms.

I give: what I can.

I fight: for what I believe in.

I have a: bad temper but my friends still love me

I lose: myself in daydreams

I always try: to figure things out on my own but it doesnt work

I need to: stop wanting to be alone

I care: a lot.

I never leave the house: period.

I will one day: be able to be me without ridicule

Love & Be Blessed, Latrice

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