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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I applied for this job at the Sheriff department and went to take the test today. You need a 80 percent to pass the test.. i got a...... 78%. seriously i looked at the results i recieved 100% on most parts of the test. i got a 50% on one part which was the reading comprehension. Ironcally, in high school on the FCAT, reading comprehension was the part i did worse on. I'm glad to knoq that nothing had changed since i graduated two and a half years.. SERIOUSLY, this sucks!!!!!
Love & Be Blessed, Latrice

*Update: so i took it six months later, and I got... guess what.... a 79%. what does that tell you??

1 comment:

The Creative Lady said...

Bummer! Try again if you are up to it.