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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i'm tired, sorry...

i am tired and stressing-----------------------
ok so i got three hours of sleep because i had
to drive Danielle to Bushnell
(which is about a hour and 15 minutes away)
so she could the pay her ticket that she gotten
on her way back from south florida.
so because we had to wake up at 6:30 am, left at 7:40, get gas,
drive in the rain (which i don't like doing in general,
but to have those big ass trucks on all four sides of me did not help.
.no exxageration) and because she didn't have the
correct info that she needed..it took about thirty extra minutes.
mind you she had to be at work at 10 am. yea.. just so you know...
that didn't happen. we didn't even get back home
until 10:50am.
so i had to be at work at noon.
I am tired therefore i am very quiet.
which is definitely a shock to everyone.
i have not said one word to anyone since i have been here
unless i am answering the phone.
to make me talk, my maintenance supervisor is trying so hard to make laugh or just ..

so when that didn't work and he decided to make me talk he is going to
call me with a disquised voice.

really... really??

please leave me alone
sincerely yours,
i'm tired, sorry.

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