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Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am going to tell you some things that we, as sales associates, hate about customers. If you want to add any or want to comment on any of them feel free to do so.

1. At Lant Bryant, I don’t know about any other stores, we always like to greet our customers with “hello, welcome to lane bryant and cacique”, “hello, how are you today?” or a combination of both “hello, welcome to lane bryant and cacique!! How are you doing today? Just so you know (insert current sales)…” Sometimes we do get a little offended when you act as if you don’t hear us. I, personally, hate it when I am greeting the customer and the customer looks at me and simply doesn’t respond and just looks away. That’s rude..

2. If you are trying to return somethingand you’ve worn it, maybe a few times.. don’t lie to us. Example: “what is the reason for the return?” “I tried them on and they didn’t fit.” Usually that’s fine if it’s the truth but if its reaks of perfume, looks like you’ve been playing with your dog and like you’ve worn them at least twelve times”, why return them? We can tell the difference between something you tried and didn’t fit and something you’ve worn several times and just simply wanted your money back.

3. If you see me folding a pile of shirts, don’t wait until I finish to go back behind me and simply mess it up again.. seriously. My suggestion is that we teach customers how to fold our stuff so we won’t have to do five minutes after I put the shirts down. One day, I folded up a pile of about twleve shirts, and I asked the customer did she want to look at one of the shirt because I saw her eyeing them. She replied no. Why two seconds after I put the pile on the table, she walks over there and freaking messes up the whole pile to get to her size. Note: normally all of the folded items have size stickers on the right bottom corner that you can see so it will be easier to look through a pile.. they are there for a reason.

4. Stop putting Items unlike items together and then ask my opinion. You asked, don’t get mad at me when I try recommend a better top to go with the pants. I’m trying to help look awesome when you walk out of lane bryant, not like you got dressed in the dark.

5. We understand you are trying to help and we thank you for trying but please when you come out of the fitting room, don’t try to put the clothes back. Either way, we are going to have to go behind you and fix it. There is a certain way we hang, size and place our items.. Please just give it to me when I ask you, “can I take anything you didn’t like?”

6. Please take all of crap out of the fitting room when you are done in the fitting room. Most of the time we are busy helping customers to go behind you and see if you left anything in the fitting room, so when we are trying to put another customer in a fitting room, it sucked when open up a door and we see a pile of clothes on the floor.

7. Just so you know, you can not return items to lane bryant that you got from the lane bryant outlet. And the only thing we can accept from Catherines or Fashion Bug are their gift cards.

8. Please don’t bring food into LB. We are Plus Size Store, we as associate are usually greedy as heck… lol. I’m just saying.. Also, please refrain from giving a 3 yr old or younger, food or drinks, nine times out ten, they will drop it.

9. Stop coming into the store expecting us to give you coupons, we are not allowed to give them out. What we can do for you is put you in Lane Bryant’s computer system so you can receive coupons in the mail or through email.


Kelli said...

I agree whole heartedly with comments 1 - 9. ESPECIALLY the one about how we greet customers. Just grin and bear it. Sometimes I would have rather not even said anything to the customers, but it's the job and we gotta do it.

Maybe you can add: Please do not ask to use our restroom then spend 5 hours doing your business in there. It's a courtesy that we even let you back there. Although - I dunno if things have changed now. But one time, this woman thought that by allowing her to use the bathroom we meant she could go set up shop with a book. And she didn't even spray! (You know we had spray in there...).

Please don't come into the store 5 minutes before closing and expect us to be all happy to help you out. =|

That is all for now.

I'm sure lots of sales associates can agree with this. Even though I'm not one anymore I remember what it's like so I do my best to make it easier on them. I got a free rental at Blockbuster one time just b/c I picked up a movie I knocked over. The guy was so happy that I helped out that little bit!

Kindness pays! =)

LaQT said...

I'm with you on all of the above, but especially the coupons and dressign rooms. DOn't you haite whent hey leave a pile on the floor and hangers scattered all over the place.

I absolutely hate when people put their money on the counter. I used to act like I didn't even see it. Others would take it and then place it back on the counter, Me, I don't think so. Put the money in my hand or leave it sitting right there until you get the point.