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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the things we see at work.

so working at Lane Bryant,
i see a lot of things..
especially at the front of the store..

like... i was watching
these dudes walking.. they're acting like gangstaz..
and i'm just like whatever.
but still i'm nosey..
so of course, i'm still looking.
i realize.. "oh shit, they're deaf!!"
all i was thinking when i saw this was..
"how can you be deaf and gangsta??"
you can't hear people run up on you..
so again.. how can you be deaf and gangsta..
i'm not saying its not possible.. i just want to know how.

also there was this other guy, walking around like he had to do a number 2.
like no lie.. dude was really walking like that.
then had the audacity to stop in front the store across
the way looking like he was trying to fart.
then it looked when he realized it wasn't just a fart.
so he sort just slowly but rapidly speed up away..

it was funny.. i'm sorry. like i said i see all of stuff.

what are some things you see at work??

1 comment:

marasu3 said...

I see nothing good... just white walls, and computer screens. ;[