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Monday, June 27, 2011

how would you feel...

if the person you are with is still talking to the girl (who used to be YOUR friend) that tried to break up your relationship three years ago?? he says that are "just friends" because she is Effn his friend. not to mention, he still has "slight" feelings (he said that she was the Ying to my Yang... that they complete each others sentences and shit) for her AND you just found out, they actually did something two or three years ago and was apparently bf/gf in between your relationship... if you're reading this, think about that shit and get back to me. you must have me messed up..# trippin, don't call me or text me.. I don't have a problem with her.. i know she a hoe but you have problems if you think i am going to be okay with this..

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Dreek♥ said...

in relationships you have to make "sacrifices" and friend or no friend..if I told you how I feel about her and you're serious about US then it wouldn't be a problem for you to cut off all contact. point.blank.period