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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sister by JS

(Sn: i wish i could find this song somewhere)
"Papa was a rolling stone,
wherever he laid his hat was his home"

since i was in high school, i have
been trying to get in contact with my half bros and sisters.
all like ten of them...yes ten. .
in the beginning one or two were receptive.
now that i have
basically given, one of my sisters contacts me..
i know i should be giving her a chance right now.
but i have a hard time "submitting" to anyone.
(seeing as i tried in the past)
i probably should really talk to this one.
seeing as she just moved to fla from ct/md. (of all places)
I am going to give her a call back on tuesday..
just pray for me yall.
i may be exaggerating but this is big for me.

*pray for my 20 yo half sister Shayla, she is having a baby in July!!!

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