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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ugh... Milk? Its not for me

One thing my friends and I have in common is a majority of us don't like milk. My problem until recently was I wasnt getting my daily dose of dairy. the only thing I ate with milk was my eggs and I put publix organic 2% milk in that.  When I started trying to change my diet, I was trying things that I normally wouldnt but I knew was healthy. So I personally like silk pure almond milk. Keep in mind I dont like almonds (i am very picky when it comes to food). Sometimes the almonds gets to me but overrall its okay because I use it with special k multigrain oats and honey cereal. that is my normal breakfast and I may a piece of turkey sausage or some fruit.
Try it you may like it. =)



I have been thinking about switching to this. I hear the non-fat vanilla is good. Have you tried that one? Kiah

BrownEyedBuddafly said...

No I haven't tried that one. But if you try it tell me if taste good