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Monday, November 10, 2008


OK so I'm waching The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet. A guy named Darian asks "is it harder for a guy to say I'm sorry" and there was a brief dicussion for it.. The guy's point was its not hard for men to say sorry because they are so used to messing up and saying I'm sorry.. after a while its easy; he believes its harder for women. The women's stand point was we don't have a hard time saying I'm sorry. We actually want to talk about the problem and how we can solve it. Whereas a guy will say "I'm sorry" and still keeping doing whatever they did wrong.

So who do you think saying "I'm sorry" is harder for and why??

Love & Be Blessed, Latrice

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Sleeping Beauty said...

I think I would agree that it's harder for women than for men to apologize. I feel like men have to say it so much more than women - like they said, men mess up more (according to us females) so they have to constantly apologize. After awhile saying sorry just becomes a robotic answer. Mess up? I'm sorry. There's not as much sincerity. That's just my feeling on it.