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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Should i just stare or say "hey" pt 2.

While on yet another mission to the office tonight, one of the residents came in. A black guy. So my albanian c-worker and i are talking with him. whatev.. you know.. he leaves and comes back in the office TWICE!! .the second time, he comes with his friends.. oh how convenient. So his friends are renewing and al the while, here he is just staring at me!! Staring. The reason i know is because i was on the other side of the room. nothing around me except a toupe wall, desk and computer.. What the heck else was he looking at.. oh, you're not convinced. He was sqinting his eyes, pretending to look at something. Like i said, Toupe wall.. thats it.. and then his squinting keep making his way towrds me. I tried to pretend not to see this but it was too hard with him standing five feet in front of me.. only six ppl in the office.. so what do i do? i get up and go home. That teaches me to go down to the office on my day off. hmmph Love & Be Blessed, Latrice


Charmaine said...

So you don't like this guy?? I don't get why you left...LOL

marasu3 said...

Girl, you're making things difficult. ;p