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Thursday, September 17, 2009

the biggest loser

SO I AM SITTING WATCHING THE BIGGEST LOSER AND I CAN’T HELP BUT CRY… THEY ARE ME.. I NEED TO LOSE THIS WEIGHT… NOT FOR ANYONE ELSE BUT FOR ME.. I NEED TO.. MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. I AM 246 POUNDS AT 21 YEARS OLD AND 5’2”. I HAVE BEEN THROUGH SOO MUCH. My heart is crying out yall. My soul is crying out.. I need help.. I really do.. I am tired crying.. It is time for me to do what I need to do. So many times I have tried to lose the weight but by the second day, I lost the motivation.. Like Shay, I quit. But like Shay, I will to continue.

The fat girl is going to be dead and gone.

"with a broken wing, she still sings. she keeps an eye on the sky. with a broken wing, she carries her dreams."-Martina Mcbride


Name: Timothy Fitz said...

Like you, I have struggled with weight, too. You are going to have to get to the root of your weight issues. You are going to have to figure out why you are abusing yourself with food. Saying that sounds harsh, but harshness is where the truth lies. For me, my weight issues started with the dead of several friends. I began to numb my pain with food. That triggered an unhealthy coping mechanism for me. Food became my drug. You can do it! I know you can. It took a LOT of courage to expose yourself on your blog. That within itself, tells me a lot about the strength of your character.

WendyLou said...

I surfed onto your blog by searching about Lane Bryant's return policy. This is my first time visiting.

I struggle with weight as well. We weigh pretty much the same, and are the same height. I started Weight Watchers today. I'm in the same boat as you. I need to lose the weight. I feel so loathsome. I once got down to a 16 so I could shop at a normal store, and VOWED I'd never set foot in a Lane Bryant again.

Today a package from Lanebryant.com arrived. I have no clothes that fit. Plenty of tears have been shed.

If you want a email weight loss buddy, message me at my email.

Something I have learned is that God Loves You, no matter what you weigh.