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Monday, September 14, 2009

VMAs 2009

soooo i completely missed all of the mishaps last night. (not a big surprise because i haven't seen one since the 10th or 11th grade) but i would have wanted to see Kanye make a fool out of himself. I love Beyonce. She is a really good singer and great person overrall but Taylor Swift is an awesome artists as well. Her cd was really good. I do believe the right person won the award. Everyone has their opinion but there's a time and a place.


LaQT said...

I agree, completely inappropriate no matter how you fell about Taylor vs. Beyonce. I like a few songs of Taylor's the video that she won an award for I had never even seen, but she had some other great hits this year. His behavior and his outbursts are getting played otu. He needs to go sit down somewhere. What is going on with these celebrities? There is also a video showing lil' mama trying to cut into Jay Z and Alicia Keys performance. Where did respect and professionalism go?

Name: Timothy Fitz said...

I guess because I am a lot older, I don't take these musical shows and all their sometimes staged drama, so seriously, anymore. Kanye is a nutcase! LMAO! That is nothing new. And the people who invited him to the VMAs already knew that. I felt sorry for Taylor, but I didn't that Kanye deseved to be crucified for what he did. Punished? Yes. Crucified? No.