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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Now Peter Piper picked peppers, but Run rocked rhymes

For the last few days, I have been thinking about so many things.. First, from Thursday to Sunday, I actually got out of my comfort zone and had fun. I went to Halloween Horror Night in Orlando. For someone who is very much opposed to (literally) anything remotely scary, I actually had a good time. Yes, I only went to one or two (possibly one) haunted house. LMAO. Nevertheless, I had fun. All the walking made my body hurt, but I had fun. On Saturday, my friend had a Game night where everyone was supposed to dress up for Halloween. I, of course, did not. I really can’t see myself buying a costume for fifty dollars just for one night. That would have to be my Halloween costume for the next few years (assuming I stay the same size). We played King’s Cup, Cranium and Catchphrase. Though I didn’t partake in the drinking aspect, I had a great time watching the drunk fools play. How they got upset when it was my turn and I didn’t know the answer, was too slow, or just simply am not good at charades or giving hints and my team had to drink. And I generously drank my water. I had fun. Rev Run and Sister Mary Clarence were in the house as well as Tinkerbell and Mrs. Officer. Sunday was my (FL) best friend’s birthday and her mother and grandmother came up to Gainesville and made some amazing Jamaican food. Finger licking good. We played Scattergories and cheated like normally. LOL. The after dinner conversation not so fun because I am not an engineer major and I didn’t know what the heck these three engineers were talking about. That is what I consider fun. Good times; without (me) drinking.

Anyway, life is good. i can't compain. How is everything on your end, Ladies and Gents?

Until next time!

God is love,

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