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Monday, May 16, 2011

Movies Galore!!!

Last Friday I had a movie day. I went to see Something Borrowed, Thor and Jumping the Broom. Three different movies, three different reviews. in addtion to which, i saw No Strings Attached last night.

Something Borrowed
my rating: 7.5 out 10

Kate Hudson(How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Bride Wars) and Ginnifer Goodwin (Mona Lisa Smile, He's Just Not That Into You) make this movie fun. Though each take on their usual roles (Hudson being the attention seeker and "fun" of the party and Goodwin being the push over), it still makes a great movie to see. Summary, Goodwin is in love, Hudson takes the guy, Goodwin keeps her mouth shut, Hudson gets engaged to guy, Goodwin spills her guts to guy on acceident. Goodwin starts dating best friend's fiance, Fiance reveals he loves Goodwin, Goodwin and fiance start "dating" to "ensure feelings are real. Meanwhile, Hudson starts sleeping with fiance's best friend. that's all i am saying. i really didn't say a lot of the movie just the stuff you see on commercials. Honestly, it was a good movie.

rating: 8.5 out of 10

This movie is for people who love comics as well as those who don't. I saw this movie with my ex. He thought he wouldn't like it. I am pleased that the last two movies I have picked to watch with him, he has loved. It was full of action. Being a Natalie Portman fan as well as newly found anime and comic fan, it was a perfect combination for me. Not including, Chris Hemsworth, who played Thor and Idris Elba were in the movie.. Google them.. Those are some sexy men.

Jumping the Broom
rating: 5.5 out of 10

This movie was somewhat disappointing. The families were two extremes of the spectrum. Not saying it doens't exist but damn, can we get a median? You had the very bougie, slave-owning, black ppl and the Ghetto, always-blaming-everybody-except-themselves, black people. The only funny parts in the movie was when i Mike Epps was saying something. It could've been a little bit better. Not sure how but it could've. I love Loretta Divine.. but she needs to stop playing the loud mouthed, slick toungued mama with the mama's boy in everything. (Though I am actively longing for Waiting to Exhale 2 the movie to come out). Angela Bassett is a forced to be reckoned with in many movies but this was not one of them.

No Strings Attached
rating: 8 out 10

This was a good movie.. I think the reason i enjoyed it (other than Natalie Portman) was the fact that it was very realistic. I have been in this type of relationship before. It was so funny to actually see it on film. Though, my relationship definitely failed. It was nice to that Kutcher and Portman's lasted in the movie. Must see Film!!!

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