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Thursday, September 15, 2011

i miss my sister.

About a month ago, my half sister, Rickita Smalls, was murdered in my hometown of Norwalk, CT. Though I never met her physically, when we talked, we knew we were related. From our attitude, our style, the way we think, just everything. I want answers to what happened and though I know that mostly likely that will not happen, I still want them. I love her just as I love my other half sisters and brothers (though I have never talked to my brothers). We are all somewhat- very vulgar, have a honest attitude but can still get along with a lot of people, we don’t play around. when we love, we love which is serious cuz we just don't let people into our lives. I love them., they make me whole.

R.I.P. little sis. i love you and miss you.

im going to make you proud..

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I am just heart broken about your sister. What a tragedy for sure. Who would do such a thing? This world is so so UGLY and full of hate and anger! I pray the Lord wraps you in the comfort of His arms and heals your heart sweetie! Thanks for the follow. I really hope you enjoy my blog! Kiah