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Thursday, September 24, 2009

I love you lord..

I woke up today with a smile on my face, just thanking God for keeping me one more day. I don't care about my aches and pains. I am 21 y.o., I will get over them. The Lord has blessed me so much in my years. I have overcome soo many obstacles. Why wouldn't I thank him. I know a few ppl in my life are trying to figure out their religious/spiritual beliefs right now. When they ask me, why serve God? or any question similar to that. I simply say, he is my God. I know that no one on this earth is guaranteed. You can be my best friend today and be gone because of some trivial mess tomorrow. God is my everything. I talk to him, cry to him and laugh with him. I know he will never leave me. Even in my trying times when I "forget" about him, he is waiting for me to come back to him. He died for my sins. Why not praise him? You believe whatever you choose to, but i know where my spirituality lies.


Mary said...

I like your layout. :)

Mary said...

Way to be! ;) Stay strong. Stay confident!

You are beautiful!